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Features & Benefits

You can have BOTH Surgical and Therapeutic in one laser.

The Pilot™ laser combines state-of-the-art technology with a common-sense approach to the Veterinary Market. The Pilot™ laser is the logical choice for treatment modalities and superior healing protocols. It offers either ‘pulse’ or ‘continuous power’ modes with incremental adjustment levels up to 9000mW.

Combining an 810nm wavelength beam with a power range from 0.1 to 9.0 watts, the Pilot™ Laser is exceptionally versatile - Veterinarians are now be able to perform an exceptionally wide range of surgical and therapeutic procedures, all with the same instrument.

Device Type: Diode Laser
Laser System: Class IV
FDA Cleared: Surgical & Therapy
Laser Power: 9 Watts (9000mW)
Power Range: 100mW to 9,000mW (0.1 to 9W)
Power Requirements: 110-120 VAC @ 60 Hz / 220-240 VAC @ 50 Hz
Amperage: 1.5 A @ 110-115 VAC / 0.75 A @ 210-230 VAC
Fixed Fiber: 400 micron silica filament
Weight: 5.5 lb
Dimensions: 5.5” x 6.25” x 8.75” (H x W x L)
Laser Wavelength: 810nm ± 20nm
Beam Wavelength: 630nm-660nm ± 15nm
Aiming Beam Power: 3mW (selectable)
Beam Divergence: 13 degrees ± 1 degree
Estimated Hour Usage: Up to 10,000 hours
Emission Modes: Continuous Wave and Pulse
Pulsed Mode – Fixed: 10.0 Hz
Pulse Duration – Fixed: 0.05 seconds
Duty Cycle: Pulsed Mode: 50% / Continuous Wave: 100%
Operating Temperature: 20°C - 30°C (68°F - 86°F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C - +40°C (-4°F - 104°F)
Cooling: Forced Air
Notification: Audible: Yes / Visual: Yes
Handpiece Construction: Aluminum 6061-T6
Handpiece Finish: Clear Anodize
Wireless Foot Pedal: 2.4 GHz
Foot Pedal Battery: 9 Volt Lithium
Battery Life: Lithium: >100 hours / Alkaline: <35 hours


Less Pain: The animal feels less pain after laser surgery because the Pilot™ Diode Laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts.

Less Bleeding: Since the Pilot™ Diode Laser seals small blood vessels during surgery; it can reduce the amount of time required for surgery and anesthesia, thereby reducing the risk of complications.

Less Swelling: The Pilot™ Diode Laser can precisely remove diseased or unhealthy tissue without being as invasive to surrounding healthy tissue as in traditional surgery.

Reduced Risk of Infection: The Pilot™ Diode Laser offers a reduced-risk of infection because it seals the skin as it cuts, reducing the risk of bacterial infection.

Quicker Recovery: Less pain, bleeding, and swelling with laser surgery leads to quicker recovery than with traditional surgery.


Multiple Surgical Capabilities: Laser surgery improves many surgical procedures by making them simpler and reducing risk. This enables surgeries that are not practical through more-conventional methods.

Enhanced Visibility of the Surgical Field: The Pilot™ Diode Laser seals capillaries and small blood vessels as it cuts, thereby dramatically reducing bleeding. This results in a much clearer and drier surgical site.

Reduction of Surgery Time: The hemostatic effect of the Pilot™ Diode Laser and the improved visibility of the surgical field often reduce the duration of the surgery.


Pets recover more quickly from laser surgery than they do from standard surgical procedures - pets go home to their families much sooner and in much better condition, which makes pet owners as well as their pets much happier.

Using the Pilot Diode Laser in Your Practice

The CAO Group is proud to introduce the new 9W Pilot™ Diode Laser System especially designed for the surgical and pain therapy needs of your veterinary practice. Incorporating the Pilot Laser System into your practice will transform many of the procedures you currently perform and add new therapeutic procedures to expand your treatment options. Every Chiropractic practice can quickly and easily benefit from using the Pilot Diode Laser. With improved medical care for your patients, you will be able to increase your services and your profits.

The Pilot Diode Laser, is designed with state-of-the-art laser technology and features interchangeable surgical and pain therapy handpieces. Its surgical hand piece uses a high functioning laser to perform common surgeries, including declawing, neutering/spaying, gingivectomy and other soft-tissue procedures with a significant reduction in bleeding, swelling, infection and pain!

The Pilot’s therapeutic handpiece provides penetrating heat that stimulates circulation in soft tissue, and relieves joint and muscle pain. Its versatility covers a wide spectrum of specialty treatments from bio-stimulation, hemostatis and decontamination to otitis externa and periodontal treatments

With a Pilot laser, you can now offer faster procedures, quicker healing, less pain and better outcomes all while increasing revenue. In fact, we are so confident you will like using a Pilot laser we guarantee it! If within the first 30 days you aren’t delighted with your new Pilot, simply return it for a full refund.

Most Common Applications

SURGICAL PROCEDURES: Versus standard scalpel procedures, the Pilot Diode Laser’s 600µm surgical tips reduce inflammation, risk of infection, bleeding and postoperative pain. Post-surgical healing time is significantly reduced.

DENTAL PROCEDURES: Ideal for delicate procedures such as periodontal treatment, gingival hyperplasia, gingivectomy and elongated palate.

NEW THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES: By increasing blood circulation in mitochondria, muscles, joints and other areas of the body, the Pilot Diode Laser promotes faster recovery and reduction of pain.

Generating Revenue

Increase Revenue Through New Clientele

Typical pet owners spend approximately $500 per year with their veterinarian in standard procedures such as vaccinations, dental cleanings and grooming. These same potential clients are looking for health care providers who offer new services with superior equipment for improved pain management and therapeutic treatments. The Pilot Diode Laser represents a “marketable service” to differentiate the clinic and attract new customers. Clients who come to the hospital for a specific laser treatment will then return to the hospital for their regular routine services. Each new client represents $500 additional revenue per year. Using the laser to attract 10 new clients will result in increased ongoing annual revenue of $5,000 per year.

Increase Revenue Through New Services

The Pilot Diode Laser offers a new modality for providing treatment for conditions not previously treatable. Otitis externa, periodontal disease, ear polyps, eye lids along with lameness and wound treatment, are some of the conditions that are often left untreated or referred to specialists. The Pilot Diode Laser represents a modality of treatment that allows the clinician to provide these additional services and keep patient revenue that might otherwise be referred to another facility.

Increase Revenue Through Increase Fees

Standard incremental fees for laser treatment range from $30 for perio treatment following standard cleaning/scaling to $100 for difficult laser surgeries such as staphylectomy (soft palate reduction), neuter, declaw and mass removals. The national average for laser assisted surgery procedures is $75. In addition, a three week therapeutic treatment package averages $250. Clinics that standardize their laser assisted surgical and therapeutic offerings can easily add $1,000 in additional revenue each month without increasing or changing their clientele or services. This increased revenue is attributable entirely by providing improved methods of treatment on the existing clientele.

Increase Revenue with Technician Generated Revenue

Every clinic struggles with the challenge of generating revenue with technician provided services. Perio treatment following cleaning/scaling, follow-up ear treatments and therapeutic treatments are all clinician provided services. Clinician provided services allow the clinic to increase revenue while allowing the veterinarian to attend to the patients that requires the doctor’s attention.

ROI Calculator

This ROI Calculator lets you get a glimpse of the revenue that is possible with the 9W Pilot Diode Veterinary Laser. This is certain to get your clinic excited about the incredible new Surgical & Therapeutic technology that is available today. Take a few seconds to enter the number of procedures your clinic provides each week and your average cost of a treatment. We think you will be amazed at the revenue potential that awaits your practice with this new technology.

Number of patients
per treatment
per week

What is your average charge
for each of the following
types of procedures?

Declaw: $

Spay/Neuter: $

Dental/Oral: $

Misc. Surgery/Mass Removal: $

Therapy: $

Your estimated Return on your Investment:

Number of weeks before Pilot Laser is creating pure profit:

Estimated amount of annual profit that awaits:

Weekly: $

Monthly: $

Annually: $


Potential Additional Annual Profits from new clients:

1 New/wk: $

2 New/wk: $

5 New/wk: $

Note: These amounts illustrate the growth of new business you may gain once you include the 9W Pilot Diode Surgical & Therapeutic Laser into your clinic and expand your procedures and client base. The success you’ll have treating your current patients, combined with the additional procedures you’ll be able to provide, will quickly spread to others and that will increase your profits.


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