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Patient Testimonials

Patricia Astin Professional Athlete

"I had Bilateral Knee Surgery on September 29th, 2014. I have been facilitating my knee recovery and my rehabilitation with a Pilot Diode Laser, which has cut my recuperation by 50%. For me, being an athlete, the Pilot Laser is an awesome tool for rehabilitating a major surgery or any other ailments that need attention. Thank you CAO Group."

Patricia A.
Professional Athlete
• 2006 U.S. Veteran Water Ski Team member and Gold Medal Winner
• 1998 U.S. National Slalom Champion – Class: Women III

"My doctor helped me when I thought I broke my ankle. He said it was arthritis, he used the Pilot Laser and right away I noticed a difference, it lowered the swelling and eased the pain. I also have crippling arthritis in my left index finger. When it is very swollen and sore, he uses the Pilot Laser to ease the pain and swelling."

Kathi B.

"I have been using the Pilot Laser for quite a few years now for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Being an active person, it really helps reduce my pain so that I can do the things I love. In my opinion the Pilot Laser is much better than medicine."

Linda C.

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Tred Rissacher
Dr. Rob Scranton
Dr. Bruce Fischer
Dr. Aaron Barnes
Dr. Ivo Waerlop
Dr. Doug Maxeiner
Jon Schnepel, PT, OCS

Veterinary Professional Testimonials

Jan Bellows DVM

"We use the Pilot Laser almost daily… It’s a real workhorse."

Jan Bellows, DVM
Diplomat, American Veterinary Dental College

Allison Woody DVM

"With better and faster patient healing, this laser provides limitless possibilities."

Allison Woody, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry, The Colyer Institute

Dave Fagan DDS

"This handy little diode laser provides the busy clinician with a truly unique range of heretofore unavailable surgical and therapeutic treatment options."

Dave Fagan DDS
Comprehensive Veterinary Dentistry Consultant, The Colyer Institute

Scott Weldy DVM

"I was surprised when it vaporized just the fungal lesion in the air sac, and spared all of the surrounding tissue."

Scott Weldy, DVM
Serrano Animal & Bird Hospital

Pat Morris DVM

"The Pilot is a safe, easy to use, versatile tool for any large or small animal practice."

Pat Morris DVM, Dipl. ACZM
Clinical Research Consultant
Zoo and Wildlife Veterinary Specialty of San Diego
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

Peter Slusser DVM

"The Pilot laser provides a superior and much less invasive range of therapies compared to many conventional methods."

Peter G. Slusser DVM, DACVIM
Animal Internal Medicine

Kristian Krause DVM

"The Pilot Laser provides a variety of new treatment alternatives to supplement current techniques."

Kristian Krause, DVM
DABVP (Feline) Small Animal Practice
Lake Forest, California

Jim Oosterhuis DVM

"This instrument enables the exploration of many new treatment options… from laparoscopic surgical procedures to therapeutic treatment of elephant pododermatitis."

Jim Oosterhuis, DVM
Clinical Research Consultant
Veterinary Consulting Services / The Colyer Institute

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