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Frequently Asked Questions

Is financing available?

Yes, it is! We have teamed up with Partners Capital Group to provide you with a fast and easy financing solution.

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How does the Pilot Diode Laser work?

Use For specific uses and protocols please refer to the Operators Manual, Quick Start Guide, Therapy Settings & Guidelines, Laser Procedure Guide and Foot Pedal Programming Guide.

Do you have a loaner program?

Yes, we have implemented a free of charge loaner program for Pilot Diode Lasers that need to be sent to our equipment service facility. This program is in effect for Pilot Diode Lasers that are still under warranty. Contact Pilot Customer Service for more information.

Why are therapy lasers so expensive!?

There is no need to pay $20,000-$30,000 or more for a therapy laser. The laser diodes and optical fiber cables that all diode laser manufacturers use are practically identical in design and origin, and wavelength and power levels are all in the same range. Only empirical evidence exists to suggest that multiple wavelengths, ultra-high power levels, built-in protocols, and glitzy control screens are beneficial to the patient. In reality, those items are extraneous, and do nothing to increase patient response to the treatment provided but are only effective in separating doctors from their hard-earned money.

Do I need high power levels of more than 9W to achieve desired results in laser therapy?

To achieve desired therapeutic dosages it is more important to consider longer treatment times than higher power levels, contrary to claims made by other manufacturers. Decades of research prove that therapeutic laser power levels over 10W actually cause damage to the treatment area, commonly known as photobioinhibition. Typical maximum therapeutic dosage levels per treatment for laser therapy are established at 10 Joules/cm2, which is achieved at a power setting of 5W and duration of 3 minutes; larger dosages are considered counterproductive, whether they are achieved by higher power settings on longer treatment times. Any claims made to the contrary are false and misleading.

What is the warranty period of the Pilot Diode Laser?

The Pilot Diode Laser is warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years except for the handpiece and cable assembly which are warranted for six (6) months from the date of purchase. This warranty does not include labor or shipping charges. This warranty does not apply to the external finish of the console, power cord or foot pedal. Your Pilot warranty does NOT become effective until the registration is completed by either 1) mailing the registration card included with your Pilot Diode Laser purchase or 2) online at within thirty (30) days of the purchase, with all invoice and serial number information completely filled in.

Why 810nm wavelength?

The term laser stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation", which means a device that produces and amplifies light. The wavelength of the light produced will determine what types of procedures can be utilized by the light’s energy. Light waves that emanate from within the visible and near-infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum will be readily absorbed into body pigments like melanin in the skin, and heme found within hemoglobin in blood. They will have virtually no affinity for water and thus, it won’t be absorbed at the surface as it enters soft tissues. Wave lengths located within the mid to far infrared range are attracted to water and the hydroxyapatite crystals that are found within bone and teeth. Thus, these wave lengths are primarily used in hard tissue lasers. With a frequency of 810+/-20 nanometers, the Pilot Diode Laser’s wave length falls into the lower end of the near-infrared spectrum, making it suitable for soft-tissue applications.

If the power of the Pilot Laser controls the wattage, why are the hand-pieces called 5W and 3W?

The 9W Pilot Diode Lasers hand-pieces (or attachments) were named 5W and 3W for simplicity. When using the laser on a Continuous Wave (CW) power setting of 5 Watts, you would ideally use the 5W (larger) hand-piece for 5 minutes to treat an area the approximate size of a playing card to achieve the most effective treatment. When using the laser on a Continuous Wave (CW) power setting of 3 Watts, you would ideally use the 3W (smaller) hand-piece for 5 minutes to treat the same size area. To put it simply, the names came from the settings (5W setting, 5W hand-piece for 5 minutes or 3W setting, 3W hand-piece for 5 minutes). The power setting should be adjusted higher or lower based on the depth of penetration desired, skin pigment, hair obstruction and hand speed.

How can my patients benefit by using the Pilot Diode Laser?

For many procedures, the Pilot Diode Laser is a versatile tool. Its technology gently increases cellular energy that accelerates the body’s self-healing capabilities, allowing your patients to heal safely and quickly. Laser light is organized (coherent) and uniform, and as such is able to penetrate deeper into the tissue than from other sources. Thus deeper tissues benefit from the direct generation of heat from the laser light, rather than relying on transmission of heat through the surface tissues down to the deep tissue.

Do I need a Laser Safety Program?

Some states require practices to implement a laser safety program to assure a safe environment for both workers and patients. It is best to have written procedures in this regard. CAO Group, Inc. recommends adoption of a Laser Safety Program and appointment of a Laser Safety Office.

Is the Pilot Laser FDA-cleared?

The Pilot Diode Laser is FDA-cleared, FDA 510(k) #K100143. The Pilot Diode Laser is also IEC 60601-1 and 60825-1 compliant.

Where is the Pilot Diode Laser manufactured and by what company?

The Pilot Diode Laser is manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT by CAO Group, Inc. (CAO) under the direction of Dr. Densen Cao, PhD. CAO offers design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of innovative medical, dental, veterinary, forensic, and solid state lighting products. CAO Group is headquartered in the Salt Lake City, Utah area with research, development, and manufacturing facilities in both West Jordan, Utah and Langfang (Beijing) China. All facilities are FDA registered and ISO 9000/EN 13485 certified. CAO Group is the largest diode laser manufacturer in the world, with over 10,000 units manufactured and sold.

What rehabilitation benefits are available from treatment with the Pilot Laser?

Reduces recovery time from injury and illness
1. Does not mask symptoms but corrects muscle-related problems by directly treating them
2. Enhances performance without medication and inherent side-effects
3. Provides temporary pain and soreness relief from strenuous activity
4. Ultimately improves the patient’s quality of life

How can the Pilot Diode Laser expand my medical services?

Every practice can quickly and easily benefit from using the Pilot Diode Laser. The Pilot Diode Laser allows you to offer a wide range of procedures and is simple to use every day. With improved medical care for your patients, you will be able to increase your services and your profits.

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