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About CAO Group Inc

The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO) is a leading global technology and manufacturing company in Dental, Medical, Public Safety, and LED Lighting fields. Founded by Densen Cao, PhD in 2000, CAO has grown organically with innovation, high-quality manufacturing, and superior customer service. CAO currently resides in a 60,000 square ft FDA registered and ISO13485/9001 certified facility in West Jordan, UT for manufacturing, logistics, R&D, and marketing/sales activities. CAO also has joint venture facilities in China to support its large scale manufacturing.

CAO has created many innovative technologies and products in a variety of fields to serve its customers worldwide. All of the products offered by CAO are from CAO’s own innovation. Easier, Faster, Better™ is CAO’s commitment to provide product and service to its customers.

Below is a brief list of company milestones:

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Technologies and Products

Dental – You may not know our name yet, but you know our products! CAO has been a leading OEM company in dental devices and materials for over 15 years. CAO pioneered LED curing light and diode laser technologies in dentistry. CAO’s Sheer Film™ technology is a revolutionary method to deliver medicaments to the oral environment without any annoyance to patients. Sheer White!® is the most advanced teeth whitening product in the market. CAO has many advanced dental products to serve dentistry globally.

Medical – Our most advanced Pilot™ Medical Diode Laser offers unprecedented treatment options for chiropractors, physical therapists, surgeons, family doctors, specialty doctors, veterinarians, and other medical professions. The Pilot laser system can conduct many procedures in the field of surgery, therapy, dermatology, chiropractor, podiatry and others. With its intuitive design, learning to operate the Pilot™ requires minimal time. Resulting in less pain, minimal blood loss, and a quicker recovery, the Pilot™ Diode Laser is beneficial in a wide range of daily procedures to provide the maximum benefits to patients.

Public Safety – CAO pioneered LEDs as light sources for detecting forensic evidence in different fields. The UltraLite ALS® is an industry standard and leading brand of forensic lights and has benefitted criminal investigations worldwide helping to solve many cases. With its ergonomic design and power flexibility of battery and universal worldwide voltage input, the UltraLite ALS offers rugged and reliable portability, and superior durability and impact resistance.

Management Team

Dr. Densen Cao
Densen Cao, PhD - President and CEO

Dr. Cao came to the United States from China in 1986 to pursue a PhD degree in engineering and founded the CAO Group, Inc. in 2000 based on the idea of LED applications in dental/medical fields. Dr. Cao has led the company's organic growth into a leading technology and manufacturing company in dental, medical, public safety, and LED lighting markets using innovation, quality manufacturing, and superior customer service as the competitive advantages. Dr. Cao along with his team have pioneered technologies in LED curing lights, diode laser systems, LED forensic light, LED lighting sources, advanced teeth whitening and other biomaterials for dental and medical applications.

Dr. Cao also serves as President of CAO Lighting, Inc., Chairmen of the Board of Directors of CAO (China) Medical Equipment Co, Ltd, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Valley Optoelectronics Co, Ltd.

Dr. Cao received his PhD and ME in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Utah, and M.S. and B.S degrees from Jilin University in China.

James Jenkins
James Jenkins - Vice President of Finance and Operations

James Jenkins began working with CAO Group in November 2007 and has been VP, Finance & Operations since August 2009. In his capacity of VP, Finance & Operations, he oversees all activities related to Purchasing, Production, Warehouse, Administration and Finance. Prior to working with CAO Group, James held various accounting and auditing positions at Datamark (now Helix Education) and PRG-Schultz. James earned a bachelor’s degree in business management at Utah State University, and his MBA from Western Governors University.

Rob Larsen
Rob Larsen - Vice President of Technology and Quality

Rob Larsen currently serves as Vice President of Technology and Quality and has been with the CAO Group, Inc. since 2001 - almost from its inception - working in a variety of areas within the company in manufacturing, operations, sales, and engineering and working to build the company to where it is today. Mr. Larsen combines over 15 years of engineering and innovation experience in dental products and medical equipment with over 10 years in quality assurance and regulatory compliance to provide a unique perspective and focus on top-of-the-line, reliable medical and dental products. This same precision and attention to detail extends to the other market segments and products offered through the CAO Group, Inc.

Prior to joining CAO Group, Mr. Larsen was a researcher and materials tester with Ultradent Products of South Jordan, UT. Mr. Larsen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration, Executive emphasis from the University of Utah.

Terry Jones
Terry Jones - General Counsel

Terry Jones has been CAO Group’s General Counsel since 2013. Mr. Jones oversees CAO’s legal department and litigation matters. Additionally, as a registered patent attorney, Mr. Jones manages CAO’s extensive intellectual property portfolio. Prior to joining CAO Group, Mr. Jones practiced law at two top firms, his practice focusing on intellectual property law. Mr. Jones received his Juris Doctorate and Bachelors of Science degrees at the University of Utah.

Lu Cao
Lu Cao - Director of Information Technology

Lu Cao joined CAO Group, Inc. in 2002 to manage information technology for CAO Group, Inc. He setup the network infrastructure and platform for efficient operations in all areas and continues to improve the infrastructure to adapt to fast changing technologies in IT to support global operations. Prior to joining the CAO Group, Inc. he was a computer programmer at the China Academy of Computer Science. Lu received his B.S from the Navy Engineering University in China.

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